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Our Team.

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VIIISION (pronounced vision) is a masked filmmaker and fashion designer.


Founder of AERA, (pronounced era) with the brand statement: CLAIM YOURS, AERA is unique in that it is constantly evolving and VIIISION is the physical embodiment of this. His many masks and personas (and robotic limbs) are a reflection of the times, sometimes shining light on political, historical, or a futuristic narrative. His aesthetic style has been described as “gothic futurism.”


His videos and art, which spans from gallery pieces, clothing, and films, continue to push boundaries in each medium. VIIISON seems to have come out of nowhere, creating dark and mysterious content often featuring gritty violence and religious imagery, but left open to interpretation and thus creating discussion. It’s no question that VIIISION has already left a deep footprint in the music world by creating cinematic music videos with spiraling narratives and images that are fit for theater screens.  


Blaine Fuller is a nomadic artist currently residing in Los Angeles. His mediums include filmmaking, photography, poetry, prose, and fashion and his background in marketing and classic literature stems from UCLA where he graduated with a specialty in creative writing. He has made several short films, is working on completing his first feature, is a published poet, and his photos and writing have been published in Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, amongst other publications. The best way to get to know him is over a bowl of ramen.


Cristopher Rodriguez is a Director and DP out of Houston Texas and Mexico City.

He has been in the industry for over a decade, working on all forms of projects from feature films, TV Shows, national commercials, documentaries, reality TV and music videos.

His latest projects include a feature film entitled “Journey” that he wrote, directed, and produced. He brings his own style and creativity from years

of growing up in the most diverse city in the country and seeing the many facets

of people's lives.

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